Medidores de picaduras

  • Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge

    Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge

    The Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge was simply introduced to compete in price with inferior Pit Gauges, with fixed Bridging…

  • Bridging Pit Gauge

    Bridging Pit Gauge

    The Bridging Pit Gauge System is the most advanced Bridging Bar (Pit Gauge) of its type in the world….

  • Reaching Pit Gauges

    Reaching Pit Gauges

    Reaching Pit Gauges have a multitude of uses, from that of an effective Pit Gauge, to Weld Inspection and…

  • Pocket Pit Gauges

    Pocket Pit Gauges

    Today, our versatile Pocket Pit Gauge is, by far, our most popular Pit Gauge model, due to its ability…

  • Basic Pit Gauge

    Basic Pit Gauge

    As the name implies, the Basic Pit Gauge is Western Instruments’ introductory model in our Pit Gauge Product Series.

  • Jr. Tri-Gauge

    Jr. Tri-Gauge

    La nueva Jr. Tri-Gauge (presentada en 2012) tiene un rango de 3mm (0.100″), con una resolución de 0.2mm (0.005″).

  • Tri-Gauge


    Western offers the original Tri-Gauge, which has a range of +/-25mm (0.50″) with a resolution of +/-0.5mm (0.01″) the…